Corey's Coathangers

by Thee AHs

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Thee AHs:
Davinah- Guitar, vocals
Sarah- Vocals
Mareesah- Drums
Dahn- Bass guitar

Thanks to Ridley Bishop for playing bass guitar on this album and being with us for the past 4 years ♥
Candice Newberry playing trumpet on "Boy who never grew up" & "Sad Sam"
Thank you Chris McFarlane of Jigsaw Records and Tyler Gardosh of Birdtapes

Recorded & mixed in summer 2013 by Tom Prilesky at The Zoo Zhop
Mastered by Jay Arner
All songs written by Davina Shell


released 25 March 2014



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Boy Who Never Grew Up
the baby who healed so fast
broken bones don't need a cast

the grown man who needs mummy
it's not his fault he's hungry

the scared shadows have come out to play
I close my eyes, they won't go away

Two angry spirals sit on a face
I close my eyes, they don't go away

the one with only bad luck
the boy who never grew up
Track Name: Corey's Coathangers
they only fill her up with lies
that's why she's hungry, that's why she's hungry
they gave her eyeliner to write/right her mind
that's why it's empty, that's why she's empty
They made her what boys like when boys don't know what they like
that's why she's happy smiling so sadly


She makes mummy so much money but she's only a mannequin
She has so many friends but they're just fans, they love what she is not who
Get her when she's young, she'll stop once we're done
everyone will ask why she left

They gave her everything just to disappear

You'll be fine, scars will heal
Track Name: Nothing in the Dark
old lady: I sit in my dark room, I'm afraid of you.

death: Please don't mother, give me your hand there's nothing in the dark. I'm only a whisper, come with me, Mother. What you thought would hurt is over. There's nothing in the dark.

Rod Serling: Don't be scared, death is an angel. Don't you know? He's in the room, and it's time for us to go (x2)

There is nothing in the dark
Track Name: Does it Still Count?
Does it still count...
If I didn't say to stop?
If after we talked?
If I got a ride home?
If I only used soap?
If I didn't feel as sad as I thought I would, if it didn't hurt?
If I thought it was a dream?
If I didn't scream?


Does it still count...
If I might have said yes?
If I slept in his bed?
If I thought he felt bad?
If I saw him after that?
If I wasn't awake?
If I was on a date?
If I thought I wanted it?
If it lasted a minute?


You'll never get it back

Does it still count if I thought it was a dream?
Does it still count if I didn't scream?
Track Name: Dreams of You
I do dream of you, though I hardly see you anymore
When I wake to find it not true, I continue to think of you all day
Though you're gone, you never went away

When I'm with them I miss you the most, but I just kiss them
and pull them so close to me
I wonder do you ever dream of me?
And wish you never had
But at night you can't control your mind
I was just a nasty habit to hide

Though I'm gone, I never went away


We're together watching a movie, we're happy
you hold me and tell me it was just a fight
but I can't help and feel like there's something not quite right
I look in your blue eyes one last time
one last time, one more time, one more time and
Track Name: Love Sleep
Sleep is love
You woke me up
Can't tell what is real
Miss the other world

It was all a dream (x2)
I fell asleep (x2)
You are my nightmare

Sleep is love
You woke me up
It's so hard to do
waking up with you

It was all a dream (x2)
I fell asleep (x2)
You are my nightmare

Don't ever close your eyes, stay awake don't stay overnight
They get you once you're asleep, make you believe this wonderful dream
It was all a dream come true, it turns out that dream was just you
I knew I had to wake up but I never want to
Track Name: I'm not Angry Anymore
Is it bad, after all that, I hate you? I really hate you!
I feel bad, for the next one who's with you, I hope they leave you.

Whatever, fuck her! (x4)

I don't want to be your friend, don't ever say that again!
I hope you're happy with your new boyfriend, does he know blue balls is all he gets?

Whatever, fuck her! (x4)


You make me sick wish we never met
Use those big lips...****************

Is it bad, after all that, I hate you? I really loved you!

Track Name: Sad Sam
I don't ever want to see my dad
All he's done is made me sad
I once was so sweet, and sensitive
I loved to be held, but I hate him

I seem strange, and cold to you
I make you cry but I never mean to
You know I love you more than myself
I wish I wasn't scared of help

The futures not written, no one knows
I'll be fine or maybe I won't
I know she tried to do the right thing
But you know, that old saying

I can't forgive her for what she's done
How can she stay? Why didn't she run?
I know she feels that she failed me
And though I'm a failure, she still loves me

He still loves me, she still loves me, he still loves me
They say I am not well, they say I am mental
She still loves me, he still loves me, she still loves me, he still loves me
Track Name: Spooky L♥ve
The voice in the dark has melt the ice heart
The drips roll down, don't be scared
I'll catch them all

Please, don't fight
This isn't like anything that came before

Sleep to the beat of your breath
You watch me dream

Hair like night flows over pillow
And in your arms, I say goodbye to ghosts